Saturday, November 24, 2012


By the time we arrive in Virginia for Christmas, it'll have been a year since I was last home.  It's kind of crazy, considering when I was single and lived in New Orleans, I found my way back to Virginia for any number of reasons... Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, weddings, bridal showers, etc.  But marriage and moving changes things- now there's 2 plane tickets to buy, 2 states full of people we love, 2 futures to save money for... and you know, the occasional cruise to go on.

All this to say, we didn't make it back home for Thanksgiving.  Of course, we were sad to miss out on time with our families and friends,  but we made the most of it.

We- along with the rest of Tampa, apparently- went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Seriously, it was crazy packed!

Can't go to Cracker Barrel without playing this game!
My meal- some of my faves- ham, green beans, and mac and cheese!
Cori's meal- the Thanksgiving special. Ham, turkey, green beans, stuffing, sweet potato, and biscuits- all for $8, I might add!

Dessert- SO yummy!  Pumpkin pecan streusel pie.

pretty much amazing.

 After our feast, we went camping.  We'd been talking for years about going camping, and we decided to take advantage of the long weekend to do it.  We drove out to Fort Desoto Park for the night and had a wonderful time.  We decided that next time, we'll have to stay a bit longer and bring some friends.

Our tent :)

Sooooooo... we didn't realize that in order to have a fire pit, you have to rent one from the camp store.  We didn't get there in time to do that, so we made do with this.  

Hot dogs = classic


....and dessert! Somehow s'mores are the best thing EVER when you're camping. Delicious!

me and my tentmate for the night :)

Definitely not your traditional Thanksgiving, but definitely wonderful all the same.  We have soaked up the long weekend with lots of quality time together, doing some shopping, movie-watching, sleeping in, reading.... and it's only Saturday!  We're heading off soon to play frisbee golf and then cash in on a gift card for dinner at Carrabba's.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!