Sunday, February 13, 2011


Phew.  Cori and I got back to New Orleans yesterday after our busy wedding planning week in Virginia.  Later this week I'll post about all that we got accomplished, and add some pictures as long as I can steal them from Cori's camera.  But for now... some serious thoughts.

I've been praying that God would put His fingerprints on our wedding; that as we talk about how things are coming together that it would be so evident that the Lord was a part of it.  

Well, the reality is that while some things have come together easily, a lot has been difficult.  We've struggled to find reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses, registering feels overwhelming, and 150 guests is just not enough to accomdate all the people in our lives.  I got frustrated this week, and realized that I was frustrated with the process, but also frustrated with God.  Hello, God, where are those fingerprints I've been asking for?  Then it hit me- I've phrased it very spirtually, "Oh, Lord, be glorified through our wedding!" But really, that's not what I've been wanting.  I just want the whole planning process to be easy.  In reality, I wasn't asking the Lord to make Himself known- I was asking Him to be a magic genie that would grant me all my wedding wishes.

It was humbling to realize that was where my heart was.  So my new prayer is that Cori and I grow and learn in this engagement process.  I want us to know ourselves, each other, and our God better.  I want Jesus to prepare us for the lifelong committment of marriage, and if that means learning to better love each other in stressful moments, then I want that.  I want people to know more about Jesus and His goodness to us. 

...and you know, if He wants to make those bridesmaid dresses I love go on a huge sale, that'd be great too. ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

virginia is for lovers.

This weekend, Cori and I had the joy of attending a wedding in Virginia Beach.  Cori was good friends with Gonzo at Virginia Tech, so I was excited to meet him and his girlfriend when they visited us in New Orleans, LA, last March.  Sarah and I enjoyed getting to know each other as Cori and Gonzo caught up, and the 4 of us had a wonderful weekend, eating crawfish, taking the streetcar, and checking out the herb gardens of the Willow House. ;)

No one was surprised when Gonzo and Sarah got engaged over the summer- when they visited in the spring, Gonzo already had the ring, and despite their short dating period (less than me and Cori!), we all knew it was only a matter of time.

It was a fun day.  I got to meet more of Cori's friends, spend more time with the ones I already love, and celebrate with a very happy couple.  Plus, there's something about being engaged that makes weddings even more exciting.  You know, I get to take notes. ;)

And now?  An entire week off work!  We get 10 days off a year, and they carry over from year to year, so I've collected quite a few.  I felt a little bad asking for 5 days off- what will my babies do without me?!- but even with this, I have a lot left... and what better reason to take off than the desperate need to plan wedding?  I'm definitely thankful for the time; it's been exhausting to come home from school at 6:30, pooped, and have wedding tasks to complete... and even more difficult when it's all long distance.  Cori and I are meeting with photographers, tasting our menu options for our reception, getting some pre-marital counseling from my pastor, and more.  We're also hoping for a little time to relax! :)

What does your weekend hold for you?