Sunday, January 13, 2013

a few thoughts on 2012.

So, one of my sweet NOLA friends, Katie, reminded me that it's been a while since I've blogged.  It's been a chill weekend, so I decided it was time to do a little catch up.  My friend Jenny answered these questions on her blog, so even though I know it's been 2013 for several weeks now, I figured better late than never.

1. What are you most thankful for?
The typical answers are the most true- Jesus, my husband, family, and friends.

2. What were the highlights of 2012 for you?
Finally feeling like Tampa was home, celebrating a year of marriage (and going on a cruise!), a few trips to NOLA

3. What are you hoping for in 2013?
More time with family and friends, a closer relationship with the Lord, running at least one half marathon, and maybe figuring out what I want to be when I grow up :)

4. What were some of your favorites of 2012? (clothes, movies, songs, TV shows )
My recent obsessions have been my colored skinny jeans (blue, purple, and red!), and living in Florida, all of my sundresses get a ton of wear.  As far as movies go, we saw the Amazing Spiderman and the newest Batman movie this summer, both of which we really enjoyed.  Netflix has provided us with most of our television enjoyment and we devoured Parks and Rec last spring, and are currently IN LOVE with Friday Night Lights.

5. Who was God to you in 2012? 
I think the biggest thing I've learned this year is to be more thankful for all that God has given me- the big and the little.